Welcome to Floating on Clouds.

I have been a Massage Therapist since 1992. I love my work!

I am passionate about helping my clients live as comfortably as possible in their body.

I am continually expanding my training, developing new techniques and consolidating my abilities to help and support those that come into my clinic.

My clinic is situated in the beautiful Macleay Valley on the Mid North Coast, NSW.

To enhance your experience a sauna, gym and swimming pool are also available.

I specialise in supporting the nervous system to regulate.  When the CNS is over worked it can play a role in many auto-immune dysfunctional conditions, which can cause muscle tightness, pain, fatigue, digestive problems, anxiety and so on.

I work with my clients to be able to relax and renew, to able to be able to find the ability to

Float on Clouds